Dragon's Triangle
Primary Representation Tomb Raider
Secondary Representation Tomba!
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Fanfiction Royale

Tomb is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Tomb Raider and Tomba!.


You fight on the inside of a tomb. It will feature a large budha statue in the middle with a big treasure chest in its hands. There also will be smaller statues around the stage. Several red candles and skulls can be seen too. At the sides of the stage are rock walls where you can jump on and in the middle of the stage is hanging a platform. When jumped on it, it will go to the ground (faster when there are more people on it). Eventually some Evil Pigs will raid the tomb. They storm in the building and go to the treasure chest to look for gold. They then also break the rock walls (making it more like a platform as it is in San Fransico) and a pig will hang on the rope that hold the middle platform which breaks and falls into the background. Some pigs will leave with the gold while others stay to watch the fight. Occasionally they will grabs some gold and storm through the forground to escape, if he hits anyone in its way they will lose AP.

Characters appearing on stageEdit

Stage Ideas
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