Voiced By N/A
Franchise Journey
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Journey

The Traveler is the main character of the downloadable PlayStation 3 game, Journey. They appear as background characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


The Traveler is the main protagonist of Journey. The name, gender, story, and species of the Traveler are unknown, although the Traveler belongs to the same species of cloaked figures found throughout the game and in numerous cutscenes. The Traveler is controlled by the player, and although there is no dialogue spoken, the player can use a series of 'chirps' to communicate to various companions he/she encounters in their journey. The player can pick two types of Travelers to play as: the basic red-robed Traveler, or the white-robed Traveler. The red robe is the Traveler that the player starts the game with, and at first contains no scarf . Once the player obtains cloth pieces, the player can use the scarf's energy to fly for short periods of time, and must recharge their energy by finding other cloth bits and pieces, or by standing next to a companion. The White Robe can be chosen by finding all glowing glyphs throughout the game and selecting the white robe in the level selector section of the game. The white robe will start the game with a scarf, and their energy is automatically restored if they touch the ground, making this a good option for players who want to help other players on their journey.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

The Traveler can be seen in the background of the Journey stage along with another Traveler trying to get some scarf pieces probably. They however escape when the Guardian rises from the ground and aren't seen for the rest of the stage. A Traveler also appears as a DLC minion that can be purchased in the PlayStation Store.

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