Twilight Town
Twilight Town
Twilight Town
Primary Representation Kingdom Hearts
Secondary Representation MediEvil
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Fanfiction Roale

Twilight Town is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Kingdom Hearts and MediEvil.


The stage starts where you fight on the sunset world Twilight Town. You fight on top of the roofs just like in the picture. Suddenly the sky will begin to get darker, which is unusual for that world, and a Darkside will emerge from the background. The Darkside will begin to attack the stage by slamming his fist on it. After some time he decided to drag Twilight Town to the Dive to the Heart and stands on the background observing the fight. Suddenly out of the stained glass on the background, the Stained Glass Demon will appear and kill the Darkside. The Stained Glass Demon now begins to attack you by throwing shards on the stage. He sometimes also will float higher in the air and send a ray on the stage which will freeze the opponent in crystals when hit. After some time Darksiders will appear, grab the Stained Glass Demon and drag it into the darkness. The battle continues until the time is over.

Characters appearing on stageEdit

Stage Ideas
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