Vekta City is a DLC Stage for PSASBR 1 and is where both Killzone Shadow Fall and Mercenary is set,it was created as part of a poll on PSASBR's twitter asking people to tick whether they want another Killzone or A third party stage and so Killzone got the most votes leading to this stage's creation so without further ado let us go!

Description Edit

Vekta City is a large stage with random floating platforms,think of it as delfino plaza only more playstation-esque and randomly helghast soldiers would start shooting at you so you would have to take cover to not get damaged by the random helghan troopers,

The stage starts with a first person introduction as it resembles Killzones interface as a rifle shoots a helghan trooper in the head. The stages main platform starts floating and you head off to random locations including the docks,refinery and inlet from mercenary then the mash-up begins as titans from GOW 3 start storming into the city destroying it so helghans shoot at the titans but they get crushed, The titans become a hazard as they destroy buildings which could deal a lot of damage to AI/Player controlled characters then the titans are killed by Kratos (Deimos if you are playing as kratos or kratos is an AI character) and they leave the city between one hour because at random intervals they show up.

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