Primary Representation Gravity Rush
Secondary Representation Devil May Cry

Vendecentre is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Gravity Rush and Devil May Cry.


You start the fight in the biggest city of Hekseville, Vendecentre. I have no idea for a layout but I was thinking on fighting at the bottom of the Clocktower. During the fight Hekseville will suddenly be dragged into Limbo, and all the houses and the clocktower will "break". From now on the stage scrolls upwards very slowly, without any breaks. You will have to fight your way up to the top of the Clocktower by jumping from platform to platform, although those are pretty big. When you reached the top of the Clocktower you will go out of Limbo to Hekseville. During the fight Nushi, a Nevi, will appear and float around on the background. It then will start shooting gravity balls at the Clocktower which you have to dodge. The gravity balls don't come on very fast speed so you have time to dodge them, but there is no warning where on the stage it will land. After some time Nushi disappears and you finish your battle.

Characters appearing on stageEdit


  • Vendecentre is the second stage to ascend, the first one being Alden's Tower.
Stage Ideas
Bullworth IconHollywood IconOakside Park IconVendecentre IconMonopoly Street IconSlaughterhouse Icon

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