Voice-Actors are people that lends voices to certain characters in the game. Here a list of voice actors that Sony and Santa Monica can use for furture DLC.

Playable CharactersEdit

Voice Character
Angie Beers Roll
Jess Harnell, Cherami Leigh, Mike Pollock or Andrea Libman Crash Bandicoot
Dana Gould Gex
Greg Ellis Ty
Kari Wahlgren Princess Cisna
Tara Strong (who's already in the game) Juliet Starling/Twilight Sparkle
Michael Kopsa Black Bird
Frank Welker Om Nom
Dwayne Hill Claude
Billy West Viking/Claptrap
Michael Hollick or Nolan North Niko Bellic
Gerry Rosenthal Jimmy Hopkins
Rob Wiethoff John Marston
David Fane Agnes Tapili

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Voice Character
Kelly Sheridan Pink Bird
Andrew Francis Zarok
Lex Lang Dr. Neo Cortex
Patrick McKenna Dingodile
Frank Welker Penguins
Jamie Marchi Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken


  • Mike Pollock had been asked to voice Crash Bandicoot on Facebook.
  • Billy West has 2 playable roles so far & both are rivals.

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