Voiced By Kenji Nojima
Franchise Shadow of the Colossus
Debut Shadow of the Colossus
Rival Sora
Sora is the main protagonist of Shadow of the Colossus and a playable character in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Biography Edit


Arcade Edit

Opening Edit

The story starts in the Forbidden Land in the Shrine of Worship. Dormin is about to announce the next Colossi Wander must slay when he senses a new great power. He instructs Wander to seek it out, but Wander objects, saying it was not part of the deal they made. Dormin insists that both of them would benefit from claiming the power. Finally, Wander agrees to investigate, saying he would do whatever Dormin asks of him as long as the latter keeps his promise to bring Mono back to life.

Rival Edit


Connection: Both Kingdom Hearts and Shadow of the Colossus are games developed by Japanese studios. Wander and Sora have a lot in common; they're both young men, both wield "swords", and both out to save their girlfriends. Also, Sora fights shadowy entities (the Heartless) while Sora is being used by one (Dormin).

Transcript: Edit


Ending Edit

Wander and Agro return to the Forbidden Lands. In the Shrine of Worship, Dormin congratulates Wander for the successful campaign and says he feels Wander has become stronger. Wander acknowledges his new strength, and expresses that he is eager to continue the ritual of slaying the colossi and bring Mono back.

Movelist Edit


Super Moves Edit

Agro Ride (Level 1) - TBA

Resurrect Valus (Level 2) - TBA

Dormin Posession (Level 3) - TBA

Gallery Edit

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