Wilamette Mall
Wilamette Mall
Primary Representation Dead Rising
Secondary Representation Resident Evil

Wilamette Mallis a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Dead Rising and Resident Evil.


You start the fight in the Wonderland Plaza. It's a two leveled place. During the fight, a rollercoaster will travel around the stage and if it hits a player, he loses a lot of AP. In the background you can see many zombies, two survivors (Sally Mills and Nick Evans) who are holding to the giant inflatable rabbit, and some psychopath characters facing the zombies. After some time, Ndesu will crash on the mall, killing all of the psychos and destroying the rollercoaster. Some Manjinis also enter the mall. He then attacks the players, causing them to lose AP (similiar to Hades). However, near the end of the fight, some BSAA soldiiers hold off the monster, making him exit the mall and saving the two survivors.

Characters appearing on stageEdit

  • Paul Carson (Dead Rising)
  • Kent Swanson (Dead Rising)
  • Steven Chapman (Dead Rising)
  • Adam McIntyre (Dead Rising)
  • Nick Evans (Dead Rising)
  • Sally Mills (Dead Rising)
  • Ndesu (Resident Evil)
  • BSAA Soldiers (Resident Evil)


  • Vendecentre is the second stage to ascend, the first one being Alden's Tower.
Stage Ideas
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