Yuna final fantasy X

Yuna from final fantasy x joins Playstation allstars Battle royale 2


A former? summoner and daughter of high summoner Braska, who made a pilgramage across Spira with her guardians gathering aeons to defeat sin. she is also a sphere hunter in the sphere hunting group known as the gullwings



Rival nameEdit



both from jrpgs that started on ps2 era. both characters while not likely allies would have respect for each other. in addition yuna is a summoner and laharl is a demon and therefore summonable.


  • super level 1: summons valefor, ifrit, ixion, or shiva
  • super level 2: floral fallal
  • super level 3: dual summon

Intro's, outros, and tauntsEdit


Winning screenEdit

losing screensEdit


  • tbw

Extra CostumesEdit

gunner oufitEdit

from Final fantasy x-2

songstress oufitEdit

from final fantasy x-2

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