"Once I take care of the humans, I will begin my war against... the bees..."
Art Zimplotting
Voiced By Richard Steven Horvitz
Franchise Invader Zim
Appears in Animation All-Stars
Debut Invader Zim
The Nightmare Begins
(Mar 30, 2001)
Rival Venom
Zim is the titular character of the short-lived Nickelodeon show, Invader Zim. He appears as a playable character in Animation All-Stars.



The Irkens are a race that desire universal domination. Though Zim has been a menace to his own planet. Because he wished to invade and conquer a planet, the Almighty Tallest set him up and sent him to planet Earth, with a broken-down SIR unit. Surprisingly, nobody saw through his poorly-made human disguise, except for a big-headed kid named Dib. While Zim continiously devises schemes to take over the Earth, he always is thwarted by "the Dib human".



Zim is seen in his base's lab while Gir is singing a song about tacos. Zim yells at Gir to stop singing, when his computer picks up a high amount of radiation in a distance. Zim discovers the radiation will be useful to him and decides to set off to find it, while making sure that Dib isn't following him.


Name: Venom

Reason: Unknown

Connection: Both Zim and Venom are seen as the main antagonists of they're respective franchises, and both have to do with alien life forms (Zim is an Irken and Venom is a symbiote possessing a human).



Zim is a very tactical character. He uses his Irken tech to get around the stage.


  • A/Square Moves:
    • Irken Blaster (Neutral)
  • B/Triangle Moves:
  • Y/Circle Moves:
  • Grabs:


  • Spinning Spider Legs (Level 1) - Zim activates his spider legs and spins rapidly, KOing any opponents he hits.
  • Gir, Attack! (Level 2) - During this super, the character takes control of Gir, who is wielding an Irken weapon. Gir will instantly KO opponents.
  • Fear the Hunter-Destroyer! (Level 3) - Zim summons the Hunter-Destroyer machine and takes control of it. In this fase he is completely invincable and all attacks instantly KO opponents.

Quotes & TauntsEdit


  • Earth Scum: Zim laughs evily and shouts out "Pathetic Earth scum!"


  • Character Selection:
    • "Hahahahaha!"
    • "Bow down to the Irken Army!"
    • "Let us see what these pathetic Earth species have to offer."
  • Item Pick-Up:
    • "Oooh, shiny!"
  • Succesful KO:
    • "The Irken race is superior!"


Irken InvaderEdit

Zim's basic appearance, as seen in the picture above.

  • Red shirt and eyes, grey support pack (default)
  • Dark green shirt and eyes, yellow support pack
  • Purple shirt and eyes, silver support pack
  • Blue shirt and eyes, cyan support pack

Skin ConditionEdit

Zim while disguising himself as a human. (NOTE: If in this costume, then Gir in his level 2 will be in his dog suit)


  • Gir (reach Rank 8 with Zim)
  • Dib (win 10 online matches with Zim)
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