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Zombie Mode is a single player aswell as co-op mode for PSASBR. The mode comes with a built-in Infected costume for all characters.

The gameplay is remeniscent of Halo 3's Infection multiplayer mode and Call of Duty's Nazi Zombies where 1 or 2 players have to go through wave after wave of infected All-Stars. Each round will be more difficult after the next, leading to an Infected Cronus who replaces Polygon Man as the main boss.

There are 5 exclusive maps, all size super large: Catacrom 4, Haven City ruins, Atlantic of the Sands, Rapture, and Raccoon City.


The Zombies' move sets are a variation crippled although in a different way from character to character. All of their supers have been removed and replaced with a Super known as Bite which literally has the zombie bite a playable character.


  • This is the first time, a Zombie mode has been introduced.

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